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memorabilia_exhibition_1998The Diamond Jubilee Exhibition on the 12th December 1998 provided the opportunity for over 100 Old Boys and friends to view some of the memorabilia and tour the school. The School, now an Adult Education Centre, welcomes visits from Old Boys and the staff are very helpful.

Tony Hird writes:

I have delved into the summer 1958 archives and selected the house notes for York, Tudor, Stuart and Lancaster. The notes were an important record of the House system and recorded the successes, trials and tribulation of each house. They list the various officials: Housemasters, Assistant House Masters, House Captains and House Prefects and it was the responsibility of the House Captain to write their House Notes. Retyping from the original material proved very taxing: the constant use of capital letters and much more use of punctuation than is used today for example. I trust that reading them again will help old boys to remember past triumphs, glories and failures. Enjoy



“Time-honoured Lancaster”

House Master - Mr A Scutt

Assistant Housemasters – Mr J H Edwards and Mr G M Leyland

House Captain – P Marsden

House Prefects - A E Greaves, L Howard, G Musker, J K Trotter, L E Delve,
R Morris, E D O’Neill, D L Johnston

We look over the past months with mixed feelings. All of us regret the unfortunate accident which has befallen our House Captain, P Marsden, and we wish a speedy and complete recovery. We are happy, however, to have captured at last the elusive and coveted House Championship. Congratulations to all the Lancastrians who worked so willingly and wholeheartedly and our thanks to Messrs. Scutt, Edwards and Leyland for their invaluable help. We have refrained from mentioning particular boys, although several gained more points that others, because we believed everyone did his best.

We are not going to rest on our laurels. We have proved our strength in most activities and we must aim to do even better this year.

The race is following the same pattern as last year; the other Houses have opened a gap, but once again the gap is closing. Successes have come from football. The House team are champions but the Juniors were not quite so successful. With more support from the Junior House members, the Juniors could remedy this and emerge winners of the Shield games. How about it, Juniors?

Despite the efforts of D Musker we gained few points in the swimming gala. However, we had some success in dramatics; the House Play was placed second. A McNeish is to be congratulated on a brilliant success after his eleventh hour decision to take the leading role. Our congratulations also go to L Delve, A Greaves and D Jones.
We are lying in third place in the Championship race at present, but there is still much ground to cover. We can retain the Championship, so let us cultivate the will to win as we enter the competition that carries the most points – the Music and Arts Festival. Success in this and future competitions will see Lancaster overhaul the leaders of the race and in the last lap demonstrate their staying power.

D. L. Johnston


“Mighty in battle”
House Master – Mr N Somers
Assistant Housemasters – Mr E Brown and Mr A Williams
House Captain – J L Mitchell Senior Football Captain – J L Mitchell
Assistant House Captain – L Proll Junior Football Captain- P Frodsham
House Prefects – A Ball, S Lewis, J Livesley, W N Roberts, J Simmonds,
E J Smyly, N Thompson

The Summer Term brought about the end of yet another school year with Stuart House, although trying very hard, only managing to finish third in the House Championship. The high spots Summer Term were undoubtedly to be found on the Cricket field and on Sports Day. The Senior Cricket Competition was exceptionally close, York House being the victors and the other Houses sharing second place. This is a commendable performance for Stuart Seniors who never really sparkled on the cricket field, and Dave Turner must be congratulated on his intelligent captaincy of the side. The Junior X1 unfortunately did not win a match but were rather unlucky, two of their matches being lost by only a narrow margin. In athletics, a sphere in which Stuart House are usually supreme, we finished only third, although B Mills, J Simmonds and A Hoyte gave creditable performances.

This ended the 1957 school year and we were forced to say “goodbye” to several of our stalwarts including the School Captain, Frank Froggart, who has recently married and to whom we offer our heart felt congratulations and good wishes, and Brian Mills, a popular member of the House, who is remembered both for his running and or his contributions in the Music and Arts Festival.

We started the new school year full of hope and determination, under the Captaincy of J L Mitchell.

The first event of the Autumn Term was the House Football. For the Seniors it was not a very successful beginning to the term. They did not win a match but must not be discouraged as they tried extremely hard with Keith Barzey and Norman Rimmer in particular playing very well. The Juniors on the other hand won all their matches and must be congratulated, especially Paul Frodsham who captained the side, on the handsome margins by which they won. Both of the teams suffered from lack of support and the House would do well to follow the example set by Mr Somers and Mr Williams. Following the Football came the Swimming Gala, and although Stuart House finished only third, the Victor Ludorum was won by Brian Hyde. The House Play competition brought us another third place in spite of an enormous amount of hard work put in by the producer, John Simmons and all the members of the cast.

Thus, without having taken Work, Conduct and Endeavour into consideration, we find ourselves in the unenviable position of fourth in the House Competition. However, the school year is but young and the cause is far from being lost. With the Music and Arts to come we can quite easily climb to first position, and if the enthusiasm of the year’s Stuart House First Formers is adopted by the rest of the House we have every chance of winning the present Competition.

J. L. Mitchell


“Good old York”
Housemaster – Mr J Maguire
Assistant Housemasters – Mr P Howarth and Mr L Barber
School Captain - G Little...House Captain – B W Burnett...House Vice-Captain – L Walsh
House Prefects – M Abbott, M Harkness, K Hunt, S Jackson.

York House under the able leadership of Dave Hurst finished the school year in second place, being narrowly defeated by Lancaster. There is no reason why York cannot return to the top the House Championship Table provided that each boy pulls his weight.

Cricket: The Senior Team had its most successful season to date when it finished top of the Cricket Championship. Ably captained by Les Walsh with invaluable assistance from Don Williams, the team won the Championship for the first time in its history. It then went on to defeat a team consisting of the other three Houses. Ken Williams proved to be an excellent Junior captain but the team, suffering from all-round weaknesses, had to be content with third place.

Football: Les Walsh (Captain), M. Harkness and Ken Williams were outstanding in the Senior Team which finished in second place in the Senior Football Championship. Don Wilkinson proved to be a fine Junior captain when he led his team to victory on two out of three occasions. Rosie and Abbott were especially noteworthy players in the Junior team. York finished first in the Combined Football Championship.
Swimming: The House swimming representative, Martin Abbott, is to be congratulated on his work in the Swimming Gala. York reigned supreme in this event when we won the Swimming Championship convincingly.

Play: This was our first failure this term. Although the producer, Graham Little, was congratulated for his excellent acting the play was placed fourth. Graham gave up much of his time to the play and it must have been a great disappointment to see his work placed so low.

Whist Drive: The Annual House Whist Drive was very successful. The bad weather on the night of the Drive was not enough to dampen the spirits of the would-be Whist players. The profit was over six pounds. Those will go towards purchasing football equipment, medals for the House Prefects when the house next wins the Championship, and equipment for future House plays, etc. Mr Maguire, the House Prefects and M Cummins, H Brindle and J Hurst are to be thanked for all their work at the Whist Drive.

At the end of this term York are top of the Championship Table. The Music and Arts Festival and the Cross-Country Race are the next hurdles to cross. In the past it has proved that the quantity of entries is as important as the quality in both of these events. Detentions are proving to be a setback to the House. These can be turned into assets if the few boys who collect them will reform.

Finally our thanks go to Mr Maguire and the Housemasters for their unfailing support and encouragement.

B. W. Burnett