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The Waterloo Grammar School Old Boys Association - Staff Photos

The Waterloo Grammar School Old Boys Association

Staff Group - 1950/51


Back Row : Owen, Keithly, Roche, Burrows, Hemming, Thompson, Johanson, Johnson, Blanchard,
Forster, Thompson, Bradburn, Baker, Greetham, Cartmel, Pascoe, McDade, Thompson, Rawlinson.
Front Row : Brown, Edwards, Hughes, Williams (Dep Head), Lovett (Headmaster), Somers, Bibby, Barber, Pierce.


Back Row: D. Johnson, H. Rawlinson, A. Thompson, N. Williams, C. Vallance, B. Williams, P. Pascoe,
G. Baker, R. Carrol, G. Leyland, R. Bradburn.
Front Row: A. Hughes, J. Edwards, C. Lovett, L, Barber, F. Finney